About Us

ELMAT Co. is one if the main distributors of Shell Lubrication products in Iran with the intention to keep a safe environment by selling genuine products and proper use of them according to present World Environmental Standards.

It is worth reminding that Shell is world’s second largest Oil producing company and, its products have global recognition and necessary approvals from most major international users and manufacturers of industrial equipments which in turn guarantees the safety of all products.

ELMAT Co. with 30 years of experience in sales in is prepared and equipped to offer:

  • Technical and engineering consultancy.
  • Supply of technical data and finding equivalent products.
  • Regular visits of Engineers to the customer sites to maintain up to date information mutually and offer necessary assistance.

What is more, ELMAT Co. has established joint offices with a few foreign companies (Joint ventures) in London / UK, Toronto / Canada and Dubai / UAE, through which, products of major Lubricants producing companies such as EXXON MOBIL and ESSO are imported and supplied to clients.
Kindly arrange to send us the list of your requirements.